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I won’t be distracted or worried!

All devil wants to do is to get your mind into worrying. He knows that if you begin to worry; then you will be borrowing trouble that doesn’t yet exist. If you can keep your mind focused on what is important, and choose to trust God; no matter how hard things get, then you will see the victory that has already been give by Christ Jesus. Life is not easy; especially in these last days, the enemy is trying to make it so difficult for the believer. So we have to be intentional about pushing forward and keeping our focus on what really matters. Focus is the key. Tune out a lot of unnecessary stuff and focus on what’s most important right now and those things that have an eternal impact. You are already great and you hardly ever focus like you should. Could you imagine if you did? The enemy know the true strength of the believers so he try to diluted it by making us distracted. So see what he try’s to do and do the opposite with the help of the Holy Spirit. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. So be encouraged on today and stay focused on you assignment. When it’s all said and done it’s going to be all that will matter to God. What did you do with the time, resources and talents that he gave us? Did we use our time to focus on the great commission of spreading the Gospel? Of making disciples of men? Do we have a multiplication of Talents for the five he gave us? Or did we spend our talent worrying instead of working our gifts? You worry way to much! You’re too easily distracted! Now today you can get it together. What about tomorrow l? Tomorrow will take of itself. God is going to be God when you get to your tomorrows. So let him provide when you get there. Seleh‘.

written by:

Katherine Price

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